Manufacturing from components to assemblies

Suomen Tekniikkapalvelu Oy is a engineering workshop located in Central Finland. Our company focuses on production of welded and machined parts as well as subassembly and final assembly.

A youthful company and skilled workers!

Suomen Tekniikkapalvelu Oy is a machine shop operating in central Finland.
We focus on manufacturing welded and machined parts, as well as part and final assembly.

Wide range of services

Suomen Tekniikkapalvelu offers a wide range of services that cover all of our customers’ needs.

We understand that every project is unique, and that’s why we offer customized solutions to meet exactly your requirements.

Modern production methods

Our specialization covers sheet metal working, machining, surface treatment and installation assemblies, with which we strive to ensure the high quality and functionality of the products.

We offer our customers high-quality services from beginning to end. Our expertise in these four key areas enables us to respond to a wide variety of manufacturing needs, ensuring the functionality, durability and quality of the products on the market.

Versatile machinery for agile production

The 1,650 square meters of our production facilities cover a versatile machine base, which enables:

  • Sheet metal machining,
  • Welding,
  • Machining,
  • Surface treatment.

We work to act more responsibly

Our painting line uses the heat produced by solar cells during the drying phase. Our strategy is to look for innovative solutions for more environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient processes.

In addition, we treat all people equally.

Let’s create a more sustainable and responsible future together.