Production methods

We offer a comprehensive range of manufacturing services designed to meet diverse industrial needs. Our specialization covers sheet metal working, machining, surface treatment and installation assemblies.

Sheet metal machining

Our sheet metal working service includes precise and versatile methods for shaping metal sheets, including cutting, bending and shaping. This service is ideal for manufacturing components and parts that require precise dimensional and shape accuracy.


  • Laser cutting
  • CNC edging, max. 200t / 3100mm
  • Plasma cutting
  • Tube laser


Our machining service offers high-quality and precise material machining using CNC machine tools and traditional machining methods. This enables the manufacture of complex and precise parts that meet even the strictest technical requirements.


  • Machining center, X3000, Y800, Z720
  • Machining center, X 1050, Y 530, Z 510
  • CNC turning
  • CNC cutting

Surface treatment

Our surface treatment service improves the appearance, durability and corrosion resistance of the products. We offer a wide range of surface treatments, such as painting and electro-galvanizing, which protect and finish the surface of the product in relation to industrial use or aesthetics.


  • Hanging track blasting machine
  • Pressure-operated shot blasting cabinet
  • 2-component painting device
  • Electrogalvanizing


Our welding services include manual welding and robotic welding implemented with the help of modern technology.

Manual welding is performed with MIG / MAG / TIG welding equipment.

Robot welding is perfectly suited for the production of large series, but its flexibility also enables the efficient processing of individual pieces and smaller batches. Our welding robot is Arcworld 250 Motoman Yaskawa, which enables fast, accurate and repeatable production.

Installation assembly

Our assembly service covers both simple and complex assembly tasks, allowing us to deliver ready-to-use assemblies to our customers.

This service often combines the results of sheet metal working, machining and surface treatment. We provide a full service solution from product manufacturing to completion.